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Why is insurance done? Insurance is mainly for security i.e. so that your family can live comfortably in your absence. Because it is completely uncertain when the accident will happen, hence insurance is taken. So what is insurance? Insurance is a form of financial security that provides financial protection against risks associated with your personal and business activities. There are many types of insurance such as life insurance, medical insurance or health insurance, fire insurance, education insurance, etc. But among these insurances, in today's post, we will discuss what is medical insurance or health insurance in Bangladesh, why you need health insurance, and the best medical insurance companies in Bangladesh.
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And if you don't know about this medical insurance in Bangladesh or about the best health insurance companies in Bangladesh. Then definitely keep reading this post carefully. Hopefully, you will know a lot of information about medical insurance or health insurance.

What is Medical insurance or health insurance in Bangladesh?

Health insurance is a type of insurance policy through which financial assistance or compensation is provided to a person in case of an unexpected accident, illness, or major disease and the treatment to prevent that disease, illness, or accident is called health insurance or medical insurance. That is, if you take your health insurance, the insurance authority will compensate you in case of any health accident.

Although health insurance is widely used worldwide, the use of health insurance has not yet started in Bangladesh. Various insurance companies in Bangladesh mainly take group health insurance and life insurance policies for their employees although they do not get much protection through these insurances. Very few insurance companies in Bangladesh provide health insurance. We will discuss those insurance companies below.

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According to an American health organization - health insurance is the cost of treatment received by a person in case of illness or injury. It may include accident compensation, disability or accidental death compensation, medical expenses, etc.

In more simple terms, health insurance is the insurance that if an insured person is sick or his health deteriorates, or if he is ill, the insurance company will make suitable arrangements for that person and the insurance company will bear all the expenses until the insured person recovers. This is health insurance. Insurance. One thing to remember about this insurance is that this insurance does not pay the insured as a claim but only pays the claimed amount for the illness and medical expenses of the insured in case of illness. Hope you understand what health insurance is.

Types of Medical insurance or health insurance policies in Bangladesh

We have already known what health or medical insurance is. Now we will know about medical insurance or health insurance policy types. Although health insurance is not offered at the individual level in Bangladesh, the types of health insurance policies that are offered have been highlighted.

  • 1. Hospital Reimbursement Policy
  • 2. Hospital Cash Policy
  • 3. Chronic Disease Policy

Although health insurance in Bangladesh is done on a group basis, these three types of health insurance policies are more or less done at present.

Why do you have to use Health Insurance?

After knowing what is health insurance, you might be wondering why I should have health insurance. Let's know the reasons for health insurance.

  • The main reason for having health insurance is unexpected illness or accident. Since we are humans, we never know when we will get sick or have an accident. In this case, if we have health insurance then we can be financially prepared against this accident happening anytime.
  • Having health insurance allows you to get better quality health care as the full cost will be covered by the insurance authority.
  • Medical expenses are very high nowadays. As a result, many people from middle-class families cannot get good treatment. In this case, if you have health insurance, you will get better quality treatment without having to pay for it.
  • Cost of seeing a doctor, various check-ups required if the costs are borne by the health insurance authority, etc.

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Human life is uncertain. Any accident can happen at any time. So it is better to have health insurance. This takes a backup. Because many times there is no money in hand when an accident occurs, in this case, having health insurance provides financial benefits. So health insurance is essential.

Best Medical insurance company in Bangladesh

Although medical insurance has not been fully implemented in Bangladesh so far. However, some companies in Bangladesh provide medical insurance on a group basis. This part of this post provides some information about some such companies. Companies that provide medical insurance or health insurance.

Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Ltd.

Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Limited is a privately established third-generation non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. which was incorporated and registered as a Public Limited Company on 17 November 1999. This company is a listed company in the capital market. For the last 24 years, this company has been doing business with a great reputation and efficiency in the insurance industry of Bangladesh.

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This company is progressing step by step with the patronage of all concerned, efficient management, sincere efforts, and cooperation of the officers and employees of the organization. The founder chairman of this company is AHM Mustafa Kamal FSA, MP. He has served this institution efficiently since its inception in 2010. Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Limited's divisions are Marine, Marine Hull, Fire, Motor, Medical or Health Insurance, Aviation, Interiors and Miscellaneous Insurance.

Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.

Bangladesh General Insurance Company Limited was established in 1984. In 1989 this company was registered in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. An important aspect of this organization is that they have created a separate risk management team and an engineering group to identify various risk exposures and maintain close relationships with customers. This company offers various types of insurance such as motor insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, medical or health insurance, personal accident insurance, etc.

Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd.

Bangladesh National Insurance Company Limited started its journey in the insurance business in 1996. Bangladesh National Insurance Company Limited is the first known insurance company of Bangladesh. This company provides various types of insurance services to its customers. It includes Motor Insurance, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, Medical Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Accident Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance etc.

Eastern Insurance Company Ltd.

Eastern Insurance Company Limited started its operations in Bangladesh in 1986. Currently, it is one of the most popular insurance companies in Bangladesh. This company also provides various types of insurance services to their customers like other insurance companies. The insurance services that Eastern Insurance Company Limited provides are - Motor Insurance, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, Medical Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Financial Insurance etc.

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Apart from the above-mentioned insurance companies, there are some other companies in Bangladesh, which provide medical insurance services to the customers. Here is a list of those companies:

  • Central Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Dhaka Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Eastland Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Green Delta Insurance 
  • Jiban Bima Corporation
  • Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Paramount Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Progress Insurance Ltd.
  • Prime Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Sikdar Insurance Company Limited 
  • United Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Ltd. 
  • Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited 
  • Prime Insurance Company Limited etc


In this complete post, we have highlighted some important information about medical insurance or health insurance. Also, I have tried to tell you some information and the names of the companies that provide health insurance or medical insurance in Bangladesh. Now if you read the entire post carefully. Then surely you will know a lot of information about medical insurance. In fact, we all should have medical insurance or health insurance. Because we can talk about danger, illness, happiness.

It is completely uncertain when it will happen and to whom. So if we have health insurance or medical insurance then we don't have to worry about money in case of an accident. One thing you will notice is when there is an accident you will see that there is no money in hand. In this case, if insured, then this financial benefit will be available. So it is important to have health insurance or medical insurance. Hope this post will be useful for you. thank you.

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