Fleet gas cards for small business

Do you want to control costs and save money in your business? If so, fleet gas cards can be important for your small business. But yes, you will find many types of fleet gas cards in the market these days, some for small businesses and some for large businesses. And in today's post, we'll discuss what fleet gas cards for small businesses can benefit small business owners.

Fleet gas cards for small business
So for those of you small business owners out there, today's post is going to be very important. So, be sure to read this post carefully from start to finish to know what fleet gas card to use for small businesses.

What is a Fleet Gas Card?

Before we get into what fleet gas cards are for small businesses, we first need to know what a fleet gas card actually is. And many of us use the Fleet Gas Card but still don't know what it actually is. Do not know before the fleet gas card? A fleet gas card is also known as a fuel card. It is basically a type of special payment card used by small businesses with multiple vehicles to manage and control their fuel consumption.

These cards offer many additional benefits like added security, better control over what you spend, and automatic fuel expense tracking. These cards work just like a debit or credit card. However, these cards are specifically designed to meet the needs of fleet management. These cards also have several other features. That is-


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  1. Used for fuel purchases at gas stations within the card's network, which can be nationwide or specific brands.
  2. Depending on the card program, it may also be accepted for vehicle maintenance and repairs at certain vendors.
  3. Certain cards integrate with telematics systems, providing real-time tracking and insights into vehicle location, fuel efficiency, and driver behavior.
  4. Depending on the card, it may be accepted at a wide range of gas stations across various brands or limited to a specific network (e.g., Shell, Exxon Mobil), etc.

What are the advantages of fuel cards?

At this point, we have listed below a list of the benefits that a small business owner can enjoy using the Fleet Fuel Gas Card.

  • Not having to pay with or handle cash
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Reduces administrative time and tasks
  • HMRC-approved invoicing produced
  • Provides much closer management of fuel spend.
  • Flexibility and variety
  • Payment Security
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Fuel points and rewards
  • Access to a breadth of data
  • Streamlined Expense Management
  • Employers and employees alike can benefit, etc.

What are the disadvantages of fuel cards?

Like any other card, this card has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Which must be known before purchasing this card. And so below are some of the disadvantages of this card.

Potential for Misuse

These cards are generally vulnerable to fraud as these cards allow authorized purchases even if they are stolen. Due to this, these cards may not be safe for a small merchant.

Limited Fuel Station Availability

Fleet gas cards are generally accepted at specific fuel stations within a specific network. Depending on the provider, coverage may not be as extensive as a typical credit or debit card, which may limit flexibility for drivers needing to refuel in remote areas or at non-participating stations.

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Complexity of Administration

Managing fleet gas cards requires administrative oversight to monitor usage, set spending limits, and reconcile transactions. This administrative burden can increase as the size of the fleet or the number of cards issued increases.

Fees and Charges

Fuel card issuers may impose transaction fees on their cards that increase the cost of the fuel card. These fees may vary based on the card's services. Like account setup cost, transaction fee, monthly fee, annual fee, etc.

Dependency on Technology

Fleet relies on technology for gas card transaction processing, reporting, and administration. Any interruption or technical issue with the card issuer's systems could affect the ability to make purchases or access critical data, potentially causing operational disruption.

Fleet gas cards for small business

Fleet gas cards are credit cards or debit cards designed specifically for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. By using this card, a businessman can control and save many types of expenses in his business. Also, there are many more benefits of using this card which we have already discussed in the above para. In this section, we will discuss the different types of fleet gas cards that are used for a small business.

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Because there are many fleet gas cards in the US today that are used by both small and large businesses. But many of us don't know which gas cards are actually for small businesses and which are for big businesses. Below is some information along with names and pictures of some of the best fleet gas cards used for small businesses.

WEX Gas Card

Fleet gas cards for small business
The WEX Fleet Fuel Gas Card is one of the most widely accepted fleet cards in the United States today. All but 5% of gas stations in the United States accept this card. Automatic Accounting System Accounting systems are specially implemented in this card. This card captures relevant data for every transaction, from fuel grade to sales tax. The WEX card also provides tax exemption reporting for eligible fleets.

The card also offers access to the WEX EDGE savings network, which offers discounts on small business items like tires, wireless internet, and more, to provide even more convenience to small business owners. A merchant will receive a promotional price discount of 3 cents per gallon for the first 180 days of using this card. Also given below is a list of other benefits that a merchant will get by using this card.

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  • Accepted at 95% of US gas stations
  • Includes online and mobile access options
  • Has driver IDs for every transaction
  • Provides customizable reports
  • Provides extra discounts on fuel, hotels, and similar items
  • Fuel rebate: 3 cents per gallon for the first 180 days.

Coast Gas Card

Fleet gas cards for small business
The COAST Fuel Card is currently one of the most popular cards in the United States. It is designed for business owners who have at least five vehicles and want to keep a close eye on gas consumption without personal guarantees. This card provides an online management platform to their customers. There is a monthly fee of $4 per active user of the Visa card.

This card provides their customers with full visibility and control over employee fuel costs. On this card, a merchant can set detailed boundaries for his driver, vehicle, daily weekly, or monthly transactions, and spending amount. Apart from this, this card also offers a variety of other benefits to a small businessperson, a list of which is given below.

  • 2¢ off per gallon on your statement
  • 1% back on non-fuel purchases
  • No personal guarantee
  • No inactive card fee
  • Create custom policies and rules for staff
  • Assign cards to drivers, vehicles, or both
  • Just $2 per active user, per month
  • Can be used for fleet and fuel expenses wherever Visa is accepted
  • Ability to also allow additional purchase categories such as car washes or maintenance
  • 1% back on nonfuel purchases. Additional discounts through Coast partners.
  • Fuel rebate: 4 cents per gallon at all Exxon and Mobil locations; 2 cents per gallon at other stations, etc.

Motive Gas Card

Fleet gas cards for small business
One of the most popular cards among you small business owners is the Motive Gas Card. This card offers many benefits to merchants. Which are listed below.

  • Real-time reporting
  • No limit on discounts
  • No Out-of-network station fee
  • No ACH payment fee
  • No Truck stop fee
  • Greater discounts at Love’s and TA
  • No activation fees. No membership fees. No hidden charges.
  • Competitive fuel discounts for diesel everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Offers additional services and benefits like rental insurance, travel assistance
  • Easily set up spend controls to restrict spending by cardholder, amount, transactions, etc

U.S. Bank Visa Fleet Card

Fleet gas cards for small business
Among all other fleet gas cards, one of the most popular gas cards in the United States for small businesses today is the U.S. Bank Visa Fleet Card. This card offers its customers discounts at over 300,000 gas stations nationwide. Features of this card include expense tracking, customizable controls, and fraud protection.

Shell Fleet Navigator

Fleet gas cards for small business
Like all other gas cards, this card has gained a lot of popularity in the US these days. This card offers small merchants discounts at a variety of Shell stations and participating Jiffy Lube locations. Other features of this card include expense tracking, online account management, and fuel price optimization tools.

In addition to the cards mentioned above, there are many other fleet gas cards available in the United States today. Although these cards have not gained much popularity yet. Still, we should all know the names of these cards. Especially those of us who are small businessmen. So below is a list of the names of these cards.

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  • Exxon Mobil BusinessPro Fuel Card
  • BP Business Fleet Card
  • EFS Fleet Card
  • Comdata Fuel Cards
  • Fuelman
  • Voyager Fleet Card
  • Pacific Pride
  • BizFuel Cards
  • FleetEase Gas Cards
  • PropelBiz Fuel Cards
  • FleetFuel Express
  • BizPump Fuel Cards
  • FleetWise Gas Cards
  • BizMiles Gas Cards
  • FleetFuel Advantage Cards
  • PowerPulse Business Fuel Cards
  • SmallBiz FuelSaver Cards
  • SwiftFleet Gas Cards
  • DriveSmart Business Fuel Cards
  • QuickCharge Fleet Cards
  • BizBoost Fuel Cards
  • FleetPro Gas Cards
  • SmartSpend Fleet Cards
  • BusinessFuel Navigator Cards
  • FleetFlex Gas Cards
  • ProBiz Fuel Cards
  • MileageMax Business Fuel Cards


Dear Readers, So far in this post we have discussed in detail what types of fleet gas cards can be used for small businesses. Also in this post, I have discussed what is a fleet gas card, the advantages and disadvantages of this card, etc. We always try to give you accurate information. Still, if we make any mistakes, we hope you will forgive us for those mistakes. And of course, let us know the mistakes in the comment box and we will try our best to correct them later. And for those of you small business owners out there, we think fleet gas cards are very important to use. This card will protect them from many types of expenses. Hope you will benefit from this post.

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