Cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance companies

Are you looking for full coverage of cheap motorcycle insurance for motorcycle protection? Want to know which companies are currently offering cheap motorcycle insurance? Then this post is for you. Because, in this post, we will discuss in detail what is motorcycle insurance, the types of this insurance, what this insurance covers, and insurance companies that provide cheap motorcycle insurance.

cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance companies
Motorcycle insurance is now mandatory in most countries. If you take a motorcycle on the road without insurance, you have to pay a fine. And so many people look for cheap motorcycle insurance. But they don't know which companies actually provide such insurance. And so in this post, we will discuss some companies that provide full coverage and cheap motorcycle insurance. If you want to know, please read the post carefully.

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is a type of contract between the insured and the insurance company. Where the insurance company gives assurance to the insured on the condition that if there is any damage to the motorcycle due to any reason like natural calamity, accident, theft, fire, etc. then the insurance company will bear the compensation. But for this, the policyholder has to pay a certain amount of premium every month.

A motorcycle insurance policy always provides financial protection against accidents arising from injuries to the rider pedestrians and third parties. However, the accidents must be in view of the events mentioned in the motorcycle insurance contract. The insurance company will not provide this coverage if it is out of contract. Hope you understand what motorcycle insurance is.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle accidents are more fatal than other vehicle accidents. So you can take motorcycle insurance to protect yourself financially from these accidents. Which will provide financial protection for you along with your vehicle. There are various types of motorcycle insurance available in the market today. However, some of the popular motorcycle insurances are highlighted below.

1. Comprehensive insurance of motorcycles: This insurance is the highest level of motorcycle insurance and one of the most popular. This insurance will indemnify you against all types of accidents caused to your motorbike. Even if you are at fault in the accident, this insurance will compensate you. Also if your bike gets damaged due to fire theft or vandalism etc., this insurance also provides this compensation.

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2. Motorcycle insurance for third-party fire and theft: This type of insurance is such that if you are at fault for damaging your motorcycle then the insurance does not pay the compensation. This insurance only covers the loss of your bike if it is stolen by a third party or if your bike is set on fire.

3. Motorcycle Collision Coverage: If your insured bike gets damaged due to a collision with another vehicle while you are riding it, this insurance will provide you with that compensation.

4. Customized Motorcycle Parts Coverage: This insurance is usually against newly added equipment to your bike. And these insurances are usually quite expensive.

5. Only Third Party insurance: This insurance is the lowest level of motorcycle insurance you can legally purchase. This insurance covers the cost of damage or injury to another person caused by your bike, but this insurance does not cover any compensation to you, etc.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

If you have taken motorcycle insurance. Then the following are the things that the insurance will cover for you:

  • Pays if someone else is injured or damaged due to an accident caused by you. 
  • It also pays for legal defense if someone sues you because of the accident. 
  • If you get into an accident while riding your motorcycle with another passenger, this insurance will cover all the medical expenses of that passenger. 
  • Will provide you with uninsured motorist coverage.
  • You along with your passenger will cover medical expenses such as ambulance expenses, hospital bills, nursing service expenses, prescription expenses, etc. 
  • If you are injured while driving alone, that compensation will also be covered. 
  • If your motorcycle is damaged due to a collision with another object, it covers the compensation.
  • If your motorcycle is damaged due to theft, vandalism, fire, or various natural calamities, it covers the compensation.
  • Covers the cost of repairing your motorcycle. 
  • Pays to take your bike to where you need it repaired. 
  • If your bike's insured age is less than four years, it will pay you the replacement cost. 
  • Covers the cost of towing and associated labor if your motorcycle breaks down or is involved in an accident. 
  • Motorcycle and off-road vehicle transport trailer damage coverage etc.

What doesn't motorcycle insurance cover?

Find out what motorcycle insurance covers. Now you need to know what this motorcycle insurance does not cover. So below is what motorcycle insurance does not cover.

  • Track days or competitions: If you ride your bike in various races, speed tests, timed events, or tracks, this insurance will not provide you coverage.
  • Commercial use: If you use your bike for business purposes while on duty, this insurance will not provide you coverage. But if you use the bike for regular commercial work then you can get commercial car insurance for that.
  • Wear and tear: Depreciation caused by using your bike, depreciation not covered by this insurance, etc.

Cheapest full-coverage motorcycle insurance companies

If you own a motorcycle, you must insure that motorcycle. Because motorcycle insurance has been made mandatory in most countries in the world today. In these countries, if you go on the road with a motorcycle without insurance, you will have to pay a fine. There are many companies in the world today that provide insurance for motorcycles. However, not all companies provide cheap motorcycle insurance. Some companies offer cheap motorcycle insurance. 

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And today's post will help you to find some such companies. Below we will list some companies that provide the cheapest full-coverage motorcycle insurance and some information about those companies. So that you can easily find cheap motorcycle insurance companies. Let's know the names of the companies.

  • Nationwide insurance company
  • Geico insurance company
  • Progressive insurance company
  • Markel insurance company
  • Allstate insurance company
  • Dairyland insurance company

Nationwide insurance company

This company is a good insurance company. Which provides their customers with reliable customer service as well as various other facilities. You can purchase any policy from this company online. This company provides the cheapest motorcycle insurance to their customers. This company offers its customers cheap motorcycle insurance quotes as low as $49 per month or $593 per year.

This company also offers an invisible deductible to their customers. The company also offers various types of coverage such as roadside assistance, original equipment, custom equipment, etc.

Geico insurance company

Geico Insurance Company can be a good option for motorcycle insurance for those who own a motorcycle. This insurance company has motorcycle insurance available in almost 50 states. Also, this company offers seven different discounts to its customers. Geico Insurance Company offers affordable motorcycle insurance for riders between the ages of 18 and 21. The company charges $51 per month or $610 per year for a 50-year-old rider.

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In this case, an eighteen-year-old rider may pay $131 per month for his motorcycle insurance, a 20-year-old rider $131, and a 21-year-old rider $100 per month. This insurance company offers various types of coverage to its customers such as bodily injury coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, towing and emergency assistance, incidental coverage, etc. This company provides insurance against all types of bikes like cruisers, scooters, sports bikes, touring bikes, custom motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds etc. Also, Geico insurance company offers young riders the ability to pay in installments, etc.

Progressive insurance company

For those riders among us who are interested in getting additional coverage, Progressive Insurance Company can be a good option. This company provides motorcycle insurance to its customers at very affordable rates. Motorcycle insurance from this company can cost a customer $52 per month and $625 per year. From this company you can avail of some benefits very easily like, getting a discount for making electronic payments, getting a discount due to timely payment, getting your motorcycle license fast, etc.

A customer can also enjoy a variety of benefits from this company such as replacement cost coverage, original equipment manufacturer parts coverage, collision coverage, and custom equipment protection up to $3000. This company also offers motorcycle insurance towing coverage to their customers. Also, you can enjoy lots of discounts and offers etc. from this company.

Markel insurance company

For a bike lover, Markel insurance can be a good option for motorcycle coverage. These company rates and coverage options are much lower over the house, although these names may vary from state to state. The company currently offers motorcycle insurance to customers in 48 states, along with home insurance and agricultural insurance. If a customer buys motorcycle insurance with this insurance company, he can spend as much as $58 per month and $707 per year, etc.

Allstate insurance company

This insurance company offers its customers the biggest bundling discounts for motorcycle insurance. If a customer takes motorcycle insurance from this insurance company, it can cost as much as $71 per month. The insurance cost of this company is a bit higher than other companies. So we suggest that you explore other companies first before accepting insurance from this company. But this company is somewhat good for customer satisfaction and claims handling.

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This insurance company like other insurance companies offers various types of coverage to their customers like accident compensation, missing deductible, etc. Another feature of this company is that they have many agent networks spread across different countries. However, customers of this company report that this company provides them with reliable service, but not significant windfalls compared to other competing companies, etc.

Dairyland insurance company

Dairyland Insurance Company generally provides auto motorcycle and off-road insurance to their customers. This company offers a fair amount of coverage to its customers. However, this company provides much less coverage to its customers as compared to other companies. Motorcycle insurance from this insurance company is a must for those who love to take road trips. Also, this insurance can be a good option for those looking for replacement cost coverage for the motorcycle.

A customer can spend an average of $881 per year on this company's motorcycle insurance. Which is much higher than other insurance companies. So when you want to select the motorcycle insurance of this insurance company, you must first explore the insurance of other companies, etc.

Also, there are many other companies in the world that provide motorcycle insurance. But they may not be as affordable as the mentioned companies. Below are some other companies that offer different types of coverage including motorcycle insurance.

  • Harley-Davidson insurance company
  • USAA insurance company
  • State Farm Insurance company
  • Bennetts insurance company
  • Swinton insurance company
  • Hastings Direct insurance company
  • LV= insurance company
  • Devitt insurance company
  • Carole Nash insurance company
  • MCE Insurance Insurance company
  • BikeSure insurance company
  • Lexham Bike Insurance company
  • Just Motorcycle Insurance company, etc.


Dear Readers In this post we have provided some information about what is motorcycle insurance, types of insurance, what this insurance covers, and the cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance companies. All things considered, the three companies that offer the cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance that we have found to be affordable for customers. The three companies are Nationwide, Geico, and Progressive Insurance Company. 

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However, if you want to take motorcycle insurance, then you must do more detailed research about various companies, and then take the insurance of the insurance company that seems affordable to you. One more thing, the cost of motorcycle insurance that we mentioned in this post may change from time to time. And thanks for reading the entire post patiently.

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