The top 10 rated health insurance companies in the world

Health insurance is the medical expenses incurred by a person in case of illness or injury, which includes accident compensation, medical expenses, disability or accidental death compensation, etc. That is, if you take health insurance and if your health is damaged for any reason then the financial benefit you will get is health insurance. And now there are many insurance companies in the world that provide health insurance. However, there are some notable insurance companies that are currently recognized as top-rated health insurance companies. But many of us do not know about these insurance companies.

top 10 rated health insurance companies in the world
So in this post, we will discuss some of the insurance companies that are currently at the top in terms of health insurance majors. And these insurance companies are also given good ratings by customers. In this post, we'll highlight some of the top insurance companies based on ratings, costs, coverage options, consumer complaints, etc. Be sure to read the post carefully to know about those details.

top rated health insurance companies

Health insurance is not only good for your well-being but also plays an important role in your finances. For example, you are getting sick for some reason. Now you don't have enough money for treatment. In this case, however, health insurance may be the reason for your financial assistance. Because, if you have health insurance. Then the amount of premium you will pay to the insurance company every month. By paying that premium, the insurance company will bear all the medical expenses including your financial compensation. But for this, you need to get health insurance from a trusted insurance company. Because there are many insurance companies in the world who cheat the customers.

So you need to first look for the best health insurance companies. Then you have to get health insurance from those insurance companies. And this is not an easy task at all. Many of you may not be able to find the best health insurance companies. So in this post, we have discussed the top 10 rated health insurance companies currently. So that you can know the names of the best health insurance companies and can get health insurance from those companies for your health security. Now let us know some information about those companies.

1. Kaiser Permanente Best health insurance company

Kaiser Permanente is an American-incorporated health insurance company. Which is located in Oakland, California, USA. This company has been providing high-quality health care and coverage to consumers for over 78 years. This insurance company was founded in 1945 by industrialist Henry J. Founded by Kaiser and physician Sidney Garfield. Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company has three separate entities but these entities are interdependent groups. Kaiser Permanente currently operates approximately 39 hospitals and over 700 medical offices. Out of which more than 300,000 workers work and among these workers there are more than 87000 nurses and doctors.

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Currently, this company is operating its operations in around eight states. The states are Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Oregon, California, Maryland, and Virginia. Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (KFHP) works with employees, employers, and individual members to offer prepaid health plans and insurance to their customers. All the health plans that this company runs are not for profit but for public service.

Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5 stars for providing good service to its customers in providing health insurance. And the number of customer complaints about this company is very low. A silver plan for a 40-year-old man with this company will cost an average of $476 per month. Also, all the benefits you will get for taking health insurance with this insurance company are-

  • Affordable rates. 
  • Opportunity to plan health insurance according to age. 
  • High rating from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. 
  • Access to personal and family health insurance etc.

2. Aetna Best health insurance company for young adults

Aetna is the brand name used for products and services provided by Aetna Life Insurance Company and one or more of its affiliated Aetna Group companies. The company provides various facilities to the customers. Aetna Insurance Company was founded in 1853 in Hartford City. The company is ranked No. 4 in the Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care category among the World's Most Admired Companies list. The company currently has 1.2 million healthcare professionals, 690,000 doctors and specialists, and more than 5,700 hospitals in its healthcare network. Aetna Health Insurance Company serves approximately 22.1 million medical members, 12.7 million dental members, and 13.1 million pharmacy benefit management services to provide health insurance to their customers.

Currently, Aetna health insurance companies offer their HMO and EPO Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans in many states. These states include Arizona, Carolina, California, Nevada, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, North, Utah, Texas and New Jersey. This company offers its customers supplementary coverages like dental, accident, critical illness, vision, and hospital indemnity plans.

Aetna allows health insurance companies to use the Aetna app to manage their insurance operations. Where they offer rewards and incentives to customers for completing healthy activities. Currently, the World Health Organization has given this company a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars due to its good customer service. Also, the other benefits that you can get from this insurance company are-

  • Affordable plan rates. 
  • Discount opportunities at CVS MinuteClinics. 
  • Rewards and incentives for living a healthy life with some planning. 
  • Opportunity to plan health insurance according to different ages etc.

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the best health insurance companies in the world. This association has about 34 local and independent BCBS companies. BCBS company plans help make up a large percentage of the health plans available on's subscription price Care Act Marketplace, which allows you to compare plans even if your workplace doesn't have a health airline. If you become a member of this insurance company, you will get access to more than 1.7 million doctors and hospitals. Which are located in more than 200 countries across the country. You will get the help of this insurance company from any of these 200 countries.

If you want to get treatment from the doctor of your choice then you can become a member by taking health insurance from this insurance company. You can also save more on your out-of-pocket plan costs. You can get discounts on wearable health devices, vision, trend products, nutrition programs, meal planning kits, gym memberships, travel, and more from this insurance company. You can also consider this insurance company if you are shopping for health insurance for small business owners.

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This insurance company is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars for good customer service. Although there are many customer complaints against this company. Still, the benefits you will get from this company are given below-

  • Global Health Care Coverage. 
  • Network flexibility. 
  • Member benefits and discounts. 
  • Various age-specific health insurance options etc.

4. UnitedHealthcare insurance company 

United Healthcare is an American multinational managed healthcare and insurance company incorporated. The company was founded in late 1974 by Richard Taylor Burke in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This company primarily processes claims for Hennepin County Medical Society doctors. The company became a publicly traded company in 1984 and was renamed UnitedHealth Group in 1998.

UnitedHealthcare offers services to customers under Optum and healthcare products. The company became the 11th largest company in the world by revenue the largest healthcare company by revenue and the largest health insurance company by net premium. The company ranked 10th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2023. UnitedHealth Group had a market capitalization of about $477.4 billion as of August 7, 2023.

Currently, UnitedHealthcare's network consists of approximately 1.3 million care professionals and physicians who provide healthcare to customers across the country. UnitedHealthcare operates in nearly 18 states in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace. The states are Alabama, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. You can also get some of this insurance company's health insurance coverage directly in the other 50 states and Washington, DC.

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United Healthcare offers its customers short-term health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, critical illness, dental, accident, hospital, international travel insurance policies, etc. This insurance company is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars for providing good customer service. Although the customer complaints in this insurance company are average. Despite the complaints, the benefits you can get from this airline are-

  • You can get supplementary add-ons to enhance health insurance coverage. 
  • Due to the huge network of this insurance company, you will get the benefits of this company in many countries. 
  • Various age-specific health insurance options etc.

5. Oscar health insurance company

This health insurance company offers customers a wide range of preventive health leaders, healthy futures, and medical management programs. Oscar also has the lowest physician copy. In particular, you can get the bronze and silver plans of this company at a very low cost. You can also get virtual primary $0 and urgent care between $25 and $100 in Amazon gift cards from this company to meet your walking step goals. However, not all plan types are the same.

Oscar Health Insurance Company has PPO, HMO, and EPO and offers all metal levels except platinum to their customers. However, Oscar Insurance Company does not offer adult dental coverage to their customers, for which you must look for another company. However, you will get a wide range of health management programs available from this company, including the best copays for physician visits across Silver and Bronze plans, up to $75 per year in step rewards, cons not available nationwide, etc.

Keep in mind, however, that Oscar Health Insurance Company's plans only received a 2.8 out of 5-star rating from NCQA. Which is very weak compared to other health insurance companies. So you must think carefully about health insurance in this company. You will see the benefits of this company. More various things see than can insure.

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Dear Readers, In this post we have already provided some detailed information including the rating of 5 health insurance companies. You can consider these 5 insurance companies for health insurance. We have also listed some other health insurance companies and their ratings below for your convenience. So that you can make a decision very easily by comparing the ratings of the above health insurance companies with the ratings of the rest of the health insurance companies mentioned below. Let's know the names and ratings of 5 more top-rated health insurance companies.

  • 6. HDFC Ergo health insurance company - rating out of 5 is 4.42
  • 7. Care health insurance company - rating out of 5 is 4.3
  • 8. Niva Bupa (erstwhile Max Bupa) health insurance company - rating out of 5 is 4.00
  • 9. Bajaj Allianz health insurance company - rating out of 5 is 3.92
  • 10. ICICI Lombard health insurance company - rating out of 5 is 3.65


Dear Readers, In this complete post we have discussed in detail about 10 top-rated health insurance companies in front of you so far. We have tried to give you the correct information. Actually having health insurance is very important for all of us. Because ill health is never told to anyone. Due to which many of us cannot get treatment due to lack of money. So if we have health insurance then we don't have to worry about these medical expenses. All your medical expenses will be borne by the health insurance company. Hopefully, you will benefit from reading the post and if you benefit from the post, then definitely share this post with others and let them benefit. thank you.

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