What is comprehensive car insurance and what does it cover

Insurance not only provides financial protection for human life, health, etc. but also provides financial protection for human property. For example - home insurance, car insurance, office insurance, etc. That is, insurance acts as a prevention mechanism against uncertain equitable losses to people and people's property. And in this context, in today's post, we will tell you some information about comprehensive car insurance.

What is comprehensive car insurance and what does it cover
Also in this post, we will discuss more about what is comprehensive car insurance, what this insurance covers, what does it not cover, how many types of insurance are there, the advantages and disadvantages of this insurance, the names of some companies that provide this insurance, etc. So that you can take comprehensive car insurance as a financial protection measure for your car by knowing the details about this insurance. Details about this insurance are in the full post.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance refers to – In case your car is damaged through any means other than a collision with another car and the insurance that covers that compensation is called compressive car insurance. This damage can happen in various ways like car theft, hail damage, car vandalism, car damage by other animals, glass and windshield damage, fire, flood, etc. An example will make the matter more clear - Suppose you are driving on the road when suddenly a deer or a dog or any other animal collides with your car and causes some damage to your car. This comprehensive car insurance will provide this compensation. 

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That is, a comprehensive car insurance policy provides financial protection against any third-party liability, damage to the vehicle due to natural calamities, accidents man-made disasters, etc. Ensures the safety of the vehicle in case of any unexpected accident. But the point to be noted here is that if your car is damaged due to a collision with another car, this insurance will not provide compensation. Keep in mind that comprehensive car insurance premiums are slightly higher than other insurance.

Different types of car insurance coverage

Car insurance provides financial protection to you and your vehicle against losses due to various unforeseen accidents, in return for a fixed premium. This car insurance can be of different types. Below are some of the types of insurance:

  • Comprehensive coverage: If your car is damaged due to theft, natural calamities, hail, fire, flood, vandalism, damage to the vehicle due to animal damage, damage to the vehicle due to a garage falling on the vehicle, etc., then the compensation provided is called comprehensive coverage.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft: This coverage is provided for your vehicle against if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire for any reason.
  • Third-Party Property Damage: This is the lowest level of a vehicle that provides coverage for damage to other vehicles and property.
  • Compulsory Third Party: It provides coverage against a person being injured or killed by your vehicle as a result of a road accident. Where you may be responsible for an accident. This insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in Australia.
  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage is the amount paid to repair or replace damage to your vehicle caused by a collision or accident with another vehicle or your vehicle hitting an animal or object. Collision coverage is usually optional and may be required by your car lessor or lender.
  • Auto liability coverage: This coverage is made mandatory in most countries of the world. A motorist is required to purchase at least the minimum amount of liability coverage prescribed by state law. This coverage consists of two components, one is bodily injury liability and the other is property damage liability.
  • Personal injury protection: This insurance is available in all countries of the world, not only in some countries. This insurance can help cover your medical expenses as a result of a car accident. It can also help someone cover other expenses caused by your injury, such as lost income or childcare costs.

What Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

We have already learned about what comprehensive car insurance is. Still, in this part of this post, we remind you again. Comprehensive insurance coverage is a type of car insurance that protects your car against unexpected damage, which is not caused by a car colliding with another car. Now you may be wondering what does this comprehensive car insurance cover? You will get the answer to this question from this paragraph of this post. Because below we will outline what comprehensive car insurance covers.

Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage to customers for the following:

  • Covers the damage caused by your vehicle being hit by various types of animals.
  • It covers car damage due to various natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, etc.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to riots or vandalism, it is covered. 
  • It covers if the car is stolen.
  • If a heavy object falls on the car causing damage to the car, it is covered. 
  • If a tree or any other object falls on the car and damages it, it is covered. 
  • Covers damage to the vehicle's windshield and glass. 
  • In case of damage to the vehicle due to fire, explosion, etc., it covers. 
  • If a flying object falls on the car and damages the car, it covers it. 
  • If a garage or a building collapses and the car falls on the car, it covers the compensation. 
  • In case of damage to the car seat or any other item by mice, the compensation covers. 
  • Third-party liability (death, injury, and property damage), etc.

This insurance does not only cover the damages caused by to collision of one vehicle with another vehicle. There are also many other things that this insurance does not cover which are mentioned below.

What Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Not Cover?

Comprehensive car insurance covers many types of damage to the customer's vehicle. But in some cases, this insurance does not cover the compensation. These may include:

  • Does not cover vehicle wear and tear and aging compensation. 
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to collision of one vehicle with another vehicle. 
  • Does not cover the depreciation cost of the vehicle. 
  • Does not cover compensation for mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle. 
  • Does not cover vehicle tube and tire compensation. 
  • If the vehicle's tubes and tires are damaged due to an accident, the insurer's liability will pay 50% of the total replacement charges. 
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to driving without a valid driving license.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to any major war or humanitarian attack. 
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to driving while intoxicated. 
  • Some cases do not cover medical expenses. 
  • If property is stolen from inside the vehicle, does not cover compensation for that property, etc.

How Much Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost?

Many of you have asked about how much comprehensive car insurance can cost. So in this part of this post, we will give you some idea about comprehensive car insurance costs. But let us tell you in advance - the cost of comprehensive car insurance is a little higher than other insurance costs and the amount of this cost may vary from region to region or country to country.

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According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average annual premium for motorists in the United States in 2019 was $171.87. Comprehensive car insurance was the least expensive in California, a US state during this period, with an average annual premium of just $96.53. Meanwhile, another U.S. state, South Dakota, had the most expensive comprehensive car insurance with an average annual premium of $347.61. In addition, comprehensive car insurance costs for some other countries are given in the form of a list below.

  • Alabama - $175.28.
  • Alaska - $147.87.
  • Arizona - $208.25.
  • Colorado - $272.44.
  • Connecticut - $133.86
  • Florida - $149.26.
  • Georgia - $176.31.
  • Indiana - $135.63.
  • New York - $180.64.
  • Pennsylvania - $169.21.

Who Needs Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Who needs comprehensive car insurance? This insurance is more needed by car owners who finance or lease their vehicles. This insurance may also be necessary for those who purchase expensive brand-new cars. Also for those whose car repair costs are high, this insurance can be a shelter. Also, this insurance may be necessary for motorists in regions where natural calamities such as tsunamis, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, hailstorms, etc. are more common. Also, this insurance may be necessary for drivers in areas where there is a lot of fighting, theft, and vandalism.

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But before taking this insurance keep in mind- this insurance does not cover you in case of any damage to your vehicle due to collision. Usually, the premium for this insurance is very high. In this case, if the premium is more than the value of your car, then this insurance may not be worth it to you. Hope you understand who needs comprehensive car insurance and who doesn't.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance

We have already learned about what is compressive car insurance, what types of car insurance can be, what this insurance covers and what it does not cover etc. At this stage, we will know about some advantages and disadvantages of this insurance.

Advantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance:

  • By taking this insurance, you will get financial benefits if your car is damaged due to any natural calamity or theft. 
  • Provides financial benefits in case of damage to your vehicle due to unforeseen events. 
  • If your car is new and expensive then this insurance can save you a lot of money etc.

Disadvantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance:

  • The premium of this insurance is very high. 
  • This insurance does not cover compensation if the vehicle is damaged due to a collision. 
  • Does not provide compensation against anything stolen from the vehicle. 
  • Will not cover damage to your car due to potholes etc.

Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Companies name

So far we have learned a lot about comprehensive car insurance from this post. At this stage, we will know about the names of some companies that provide comprehensive car insurance. Some of the best companies that provide this insurance as per the latest information are listed below-

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  • Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • State Farm Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Erie Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • USAA Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Geico Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Farmers Insurance Company
  • American Family Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Progressive Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Westfield Insurance Company
  • Country Financial Comprehensive Car Insurance Company
  • Amica
  • Allstate
  • Safeco
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Auto-Owners, etc.


If you have read this post completely then you have already understood whether this insurance is suitable for you or not. In our opinion, if your car is very low in value or the car is old then this insurance will not be affordable for you and if your car is very expensive and new then this insurance may be affordable for you. Also if you finance or lease the car then this insurance can be cost effective for you. And there are many countries in the world where car insurance is mandatory. Hope we have cleared the matter for you. So far today. Thank you.

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