Phone number for progressive motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a type of insurance contract between the insured and the insurance company. which provides financial protection against loss and damage to your motorcycle due to all unforeseen risks. These losses can be due to various reasons such as natural calamities, theft, fire, damage from man-made disasters, etc. Motorcycle insurance is also known as car insurance or auto insurance to many. Now the question is who provides this insurance. There are many companies around the world that offer motorcycle insurance. And one such company is progressive which we have discussed in today's post.

phone number for progressive motorcycle insurance
If you want to know detailed information about Progressive Insurance Company, read this post carefully from start to finish. Because in this post, we have covered a lot of information about progressive insurance companies. Which can benefit you a lot.

What is progressive Dialing?

What is progressive dialing? Progressive dialing is an intermediary software that helps maintain a consistent speed between manual dialing and advanced predictive dialers. This software helps prevent outbound phone calls from progressive dialing and manually dialing every number in the contact list of a call center agent. Instead of manually selecting a customer, just input their number and start calling, it will automatically connect you to the next customer in the company's agent list.

Progressive Darling is an automated process that reduces the time the company's agents spend talking and helps increase their productivity and efficiency. This progressive dialing auto dialer system is most commonly used in outbound call centers. Progressive dialers are commonly used in a variety of other applications or industries including telemarketing, customer service follow-up calls, outbound sales, call collection, etc.

History of the Progressive Insurance

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company started its journey on March 10, 1937, by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. They initially wanted to provide safety and security to their car owners. Then in 1956, the company found another niche which was providing insurance to risky drivers. Then in 1965, the son of Peter B. Lewis and Joseph Lewis and his mother first borrowed $2.5 million from the company, against which they put up their majority stake as collateral.

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And with that, the company completed a leveraged buyout. The company gradually grew and in 1987, the company exceeded $1 billion in written premiums, which by 2016 was close to $20 billion. This company now claims itself as an auto insurance company and they are proud of it.

This company currently has its own website, through which it provides different types of services to customers, especially helping customers buy different types of policies. This company was the first to offer 24/7 claims reporting. Now this company is slowly moving towards improvement and they are looking at mobile browsers to manage company ratings and policies.

Who is the CEO of Progressive Insurance?

Many of us who own a motorcycle have already taken out motorcycle insurance with Progressive Insurance Company. Again, many of them may not. It is up to each person to choose motorcycle insurance according to their choice. But those of you who have taken motorcycle insurance with Progressive Insurance Company must know about the CEO of that company. There are many who don't even know who the CEO of this company is at present. So below we present the CEO of this company and some information about him.

Tricia Griffith is currently serving as the CEO of Progressive Insurance Company. Who was nominated as the CEO of this company through an election in 2016? Tricia graduated from the Advanced Management Program at State University and the Wharton School of Business.

He first joined Progressive Insurance Company in 1998 as an entry-level claims representative. After that, he gradually moved up to several leadership positions including Chief Human Resource Officer, President of Claims, President of Customer Operations, and Personal Lines CHIP Operating Officer, and held these positions successfully. 

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However, before becoming the CEO of the company, he headed the Personal Lines division of the company until 2015. Chip worked as an operating officer. During this time he oversaw the company's personal lines, claims, and customer relationship management groups.

Under his leadership, Progressive Insurance Company earned Fortune Magazine's Business Personality of the Year 2018. This was achieved only because of his strategic approach. Before he joined the company, the company had just 400,000 subscribers, which has now grown to almost over a million. He always provides cheap insurance to the customers, where the premium amount is very low. Tricia always talks about getting herself to work. In 2019, the company earned the Wall Street Journal's first-ever #1 ranking for diversity and inclusion, entirely under Tricia's leadership. This progressive company was recognized with the 2021 National Association of Corporate Awards for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

What are Progressive's 5 core values?

At this stage, we will know about the main five values ​​of Progressive Insurance Company. Which are very important for a company. Every company in the world has some core value. Based on which they operate their company. Similarly, Progressive Insurance Company also has some core values. Based on which this company conducts its activities. Below are the five core values ​​of Progressive Insurance Company.

  • Integrity
  • Golden Rule
  • Objectives
  • Excellence
  • Profit

the phone number for progressive motorcycle insurance

Are you looking for affordable insurance for your motorcycle? Then Progressive Insurance Company can be the best option for you. Because Progressive Insurance Company provides motorcycle insurance at very affordable prices. There are many companies in the world that provide motorcycle insurance. However, Progressive and Geico Insurance Company provide the most affordable motorcycle insurance among all the companies. Which we have already discussed in another post.

Now suppose you have purchased a new motorcycle and are thinking of taking out a motorcycle insurance policy from Progressive Insurance Company for that motorcycle. but how You must contact that company first. What you need to contact now is definitely a mobile number or phone number. Or if you know the address of that company, then you can directly go to the office and inquire. But not all of us know the address any more.

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For which it is better to contact the phone number. Now where to get this phone number. You will get this phone number from this post. Below for your convenience, we have mentioned some contact numbers or phone numbers of Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Company. So that you can easily contact them using these numbers to get affordable insurance for your new motorcycle.

If you already have motorcycle insurance with this company, then you can contact the number mentioned below to change any policy of your insurance or solve any of your questions or problems about this insurance. Also, if you want to purchase motorcycle insurance from this company, you can also contact the number below. This company has many employees for all these tasks who will solve all your problems.

  • call: 1-800-444-4487
  • call: 1-800-876-5581 (customers in all states EXCEPT California)
  • call: 1-800-300-3693 (customers in California)
  • call: (800) 776-4737
  • call: (800) 776-2778
  • call: (800) 776-4737
  • call: 1-833-860-1308
  • Fax: +1 440-395-1812
  • Fax: +1-877-280-5587

Direct Hours of Operation

This company usually provides 24-hour direct service to their customers on Monday and Friday. 

This company is open from 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM (EST) on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Also, you can take online 24/7 service for any of your problems.

Does Progressive have a grace period?

Many of you have asked if Progressive Insurance Company has a grace period. The grace period is the time allowed to get insurance or update the policy of your new car after buying it. In this case, progressive insurance companies usually give their customers a grace period of 7 to 30 days for new insurance. Hope you got the answer to your question.


Dear Readers, Today's post we have prepared with various information about Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Company. For example, progressive dialer, brief history of this company, current CEO of this company, and various phone numbers to contact this company. In fact, whichever company you approach for any job, you must contact the company first. 

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The easiest means of this communication is currently a phone number. You can easily contact any company through the phone number. Let us tell you another piece of information - currently, Progressive Insurance Company and Gay Eco Insurance Company provide motorcycle insurance to their customers at the most affordable price, that too with full coverage.

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