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Cool Math Games is a website that offers a variety of math-related games for kids and teens. Cool Math Games aims to make the study of mathematics more exciting and engaging for readers by incorporating logic and critical thinking skills into games. And if you are a math lover and looking for some games to play at school or the office or in your leisure time, then some cool math games unblocked in the online world can be your best choice.

Which cool math games unblocked are online
Now you may ask how I know which games are unblocked in Cool Math Games. Don't worry you will know about this from this post. Because in this post we will tell you about the names of cool math games currently unblocked online. Also, you can learn more about cool math games from this post if you read this entire post carefully. Now let's start with the main discussion.

Which cool math games unblocked games

From small to big we all love to play more or less cool math games. Whenever we get free time, we get busy playing this game with our mobile phones. And if you are a math lover then no problem. However, the problem is that many games have been blocked due to changing the website of Cool Math Games. Now those of you who like to play cool math games may worry. But there is no reason to worry. In this post, we will highlight some of the popular unblocked cool math games in the online world today. Although there are currently many types of unblocked cool math games.

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Now let's take a look at some of the popular and best cool math games unblocked in the online world, which you can play at school or the office or in your free time.

Run 3

Run 3 is an exciting and addictive platform game that tests your reflexes and brain power. The game has an innovative 3D aesthetic that provides a player with hours of challenging gameplay. In this game, a protagonist navigates a complex network of interconnected tubes and floating platforms in space. The main goal of this game is to make the hero of the game survive in the arena. As long as he can survive on the game field, his points will increase. The responsive controls of the Run 3 game and the changing obstacles that you will face while playing this game are extremely entertaining for you.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an incredible strategy game that will keep you entertained for a long time. The game basically involves shooting waves of bright balloons into the sky that you have to catch by building monkey towers of varying abilities. Fans of the tower defense subgenre shouldn't pass up on this game as it has many updates and difficult levels.

Fireboy And Watergirl In The Forest Temple

If you like to play fun puzzle and adventure games or challenging puzzle games then Fireboy and Water Girl in the Forest Temple Team may be suitable for you. Because in this game you will find all kinds of adventure-related things. And these games are ideal for social gatherings that also encourage teamwork.


Wheely is a fun and entertaining point-and-click puzzle game. which asks a gamer to build a tiny automobile named after you through a series of difficult obstacles. This game has become a popular game for puzzle lovers of all ages for its impressive visuals and simple controls.

Papa’s Freezeria

If you want to play the games of making and serving delicious frozen desserts to the clients taking their special requests and coordinating the ingredients of each order then you can play Papa's Freezeria games. This game has beautiful visuals and a pleasant environment to satisfy your relaxation needs.

Apart from these five games mentioned above, you will find many more unblocked cool map games online. We have presented a list of them below. If you know the names from this list and search Google Play Store or Google Chrome browser with these names, you will find them and from there you can download and enjoy the game for free.

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  • Sugar, Sugar
  • Cool Math 2048
  • Run 2
  • Civiballs
  • Snail Bob
  • Epic Ninja v1.12
  • Idle breakout 2.0
  • Unblock Me v1.2
  • Coolmath Games 2
  • Appel v1.4
  • slither.io v1.11 server 2
  • Gauntlet v0.21
  • Sand and Water v3.2
  • Snail Platformer v1.4
  • Turrican II v1.3b
  • Ragdoll Physics v5.1
  • 6th Grade Math Games
  • Bloons TD 6
  • Papa’s Freezeria
  • Bloons TD 5
  • Solitaire
  • Geometry Dash
  • Minesweeper
  • Tetris
  • Slither.io
  • Math Lines

How do you play Coolmath Games if it is blocked?

Those of us who like to play cool math games may have this question in our mind if for some reason the cool math games are blocked then how will we play them. Some tips in this regard are shared below.

Use a Proxy Server

A proxy server is a type of server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. When you use a process server to unblock blocked Cool Math apps, your computer will first send its requests to the proxy server, 

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which in turn forwards your requests to the website. So this can be the best way to unblock your blocked cool math games.

Use a virtual private network (VPN)

If you are looking for a more reliable way to unblock your blocked cool math games then you can use a virtual private network ie VPN. VPNs basically encrypt your traffic and route it through a server in another location. Which unblocks your blocked cool math game.

Use Mirror Sites

A mirror site can be a good way for you to unblock blocked cool math games. Mirror sites are often used to bypass filters that block certain websites. Which can help you play cool math games. But one thing to keep in mind is that there are some risks involved in using mirror sites. These sites may not be safe for your website. These sites can slow down your website. Using these sites may violate your workplace policies and subject you to disciplinary action. So our suggestion is better not to use a mirror site.

Use a different browser

You can use different browsers to unblock your blocked cool math games. Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft, etc.

Contact your IT administrator

If you are unable to unblock your blocked Cool Math Games by using all the methods mentioned above, then you can directly SMS the IT Administrator of the Cool Math Games website.

Why was Coolmath Games blocked?

Do you want to know the answer to why cool math games were blocked? If you want to know why cool math games were blocked.

The main reason for blocking Cool Math Games was that they did not provide enough educational benefits for the students. And it was blocked by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Initially, it was blocked only for students but later it was blocked for teachers and staff. But shortly after setting its restrictions, they again created an online petition demanding that MCPS unblock the game again after seeing the results. However, this claim is unlikely to be accepted. Then again in 2002, when CIPA passed the Children's Internet Protection Act, these games applied filters to the Internet that later proved harmful or distracting to student learning. 

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Then came the controversy when Cool Math Games combined educational and non-academic activities that were more accessible to students than social media like Twitter and Instagram. Brendan Treleven then says (a freshman humanities program student at Super Smash Bros. Club) that they blocked the No Internet Dinosaur game for goodness sake. Visits to this cool math game are much higher than usual during the beginning of school months. which students play to reduce their time pressure. However, now after many hurdles, these cool math games are unblocked so that students can enjoy their maths learning more with fun and entertainment.


Cool Math Games Unblocked Games is truly an excellent educational and fun game that proves the effectiveness of gamification and interactive learning to capture a gamer's attention. These games allow you to play with education. These cool math games will further help boost your cognitive skills and active learning. All the unblocked games on this platform can be enjoyed by players of any age. Hope this complete post of ours helps you to know a lot about cool math games.

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