Underactive thyroid eye disease symptoms

Many of you may have heard the name of thyroid disease. We know that thyroid disease usually occurs in the neck of the human body. But did you know that the thyroid can damage one of the most important organs in the body, the eyes? And nowadays thyroid eye disease is more and more common among people and those who are suffering from this disease are suffering more. The biggest reason for this damage is that they do not know about the symptoms of this thyroid eye disease. Because if you know the symptoms of a disease and if you see those symptoms in yourself, then you will get treatment quickly. As a result, your losses will be reduced.

underactive thyroid eye disease symptoms
But those of us don't know the symptoms of underactive thyroid eye disease. But they will be more affected by this disease. So in today's post, we will discuss in detail the symptoms of underactive thyroid eye disease, what is thyroid eye disease, what are the problems with this disease, various ways to get rid of this disease, etc. So that you can know the symptoms of this disease and if the symptoms appear in you, then you can get treatment quickly.

what is underactive thyroid eye disease?

Many of you want to know what is thyroid eye disease? Thyroid eye disease is an autoimmune condition or throat and eye disorder. which is an eye condition in which the eyelids, eye muscles, fatty tissue of the eye, and tear glands located behind the eye become swollen. This results in redness of the eyelids and eyes. Thyroid eye disease mainly occurs when the protective immune system attacks the human body. Again, the disease may also be caused by the activation of orbital fibroblasts by autoantibodies directed against thyroid receptors. Sometimes thyroid eye disease causes the eyes to protrude forward in the human body, which is known as bulging to many.

Underactive thyroid eye disease is the result of hypothyroidism in the body when the thyroid gland in the body cannot produce enough thyroid hormones and this condition is called underactive thyroid eye disease. Hypothyroidism is not usually associated with eye disease. However, in severe cases, hypothyroidism can cause swelling on the side of the eye.

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A study found that about 19 out of 1,00,000 people are affected by thyroid eye disease every year. It is a multifaceted disorder. Thyroid eye disease usually occurs in two stages. They are-

  • 1. Active or Inflammatory Phase: In this phase, thyroid eye disease can last from one month to three years and cause inflammation. 
  • 2. Stable Phase: The disease follows a stable phase when the inflammation of the thyroid eye disease stops.

If your body produces too much or too little thyroid hormone than normal, you may have Graves' disease or hyperthyroidism. From which again thyroid eye disease can occur. However, those with low thyroid hormone levels have puffy eyes and hair loss on the chest. Hope you got to know what thyroid eye disease is. Now let's know all the problems that occur when this disease occurs.

what are the problems of underactive thyroid eye disease?

When the body does not produce enough thyroid hormones due to hypothyroidism, the condition is called underactive thyroid eye disease. In this case, people who already have hypothyroidism in their body are more likely to have eye problems. And thyroid-related eye problems occur when the body's immune system fights off germs around the eyes. In this case, when a person is affected by this disease, he may face various problems. Following are some of the problems that a person may face when suffering from this disease:

Dry irritated eyes 

When you suffer from thyroid eye disease you will experience dry, irritated, and often watery eyes. This problem is mainly due to retraction and extension of the eyelids. When you go to sleep at night, your eyelids don't close completely, leaving the front of the eye clear.

Double vision

Thyroid eye disease can cause swelling, irritation, and scarring of the eye muscles. Due to this, you can see double in the eyes. Sometimes double vision may not be present. In this case, it is sometimes noticeable only when looking in certain directions.

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The amount of double vision in your eye will vary from week to week. And once this double vision stabilizes for at least a few months, it may take arms smuggling to correct it.

Eyelid retraction

Thyroid eye disease can cause scarring of the eyelid muscles. This scarring causes the tissues in the eye to contract or shrink, causing the eyelids to retract and the whites to appear below and above the colored part of the eye. Some patients may also experience an abnormal eye appearance, dryness, burning, and tearing. Also if the front part of the eye is abnormally dry then vision can be lost.

Vision loss

If affected by this disease, the visual power of the eyes may decrease than normal. Sometimes the muscles behind the eyes become very swollen, putting pressure on the nerves and compression of the main nerves of the brain.

Eyelid retraction

Thyroid eye disease can cause excess fat and fluid to accumulate in the eye muscles on the sides and back of the eye. which can push the eye outward. which results in expansion. And looks awful. It can change the appearance and comfort of the eye along with retraction of the eyelids, etc.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, if affected by this disease, there may be other types of problems such as the sensation of a sharp object in the eye, discomfort and pain in the eye, restriction of eye movement, etc.

underactive thyroid eye disease symptoms?

By now we may have known what underactive thyroid eye disease is from this post. However, before knowing the symptoms of this disease, we are again telling you what is underactive thyroid eye disease. When the body does not produce enough thyroid hormone due to hypothyroidism in the human body, the condition is called underactive thyroid eye disease. Can be due to various reasons. But mainly it is due to hormonal imbalance. Currently, the number of patients suffering from this disease is increasing day by day.

Like any other disease, this disease also has some symptoms. If you can be aware of the symptoms in advance, then you can easily survive this disease. Because if you know about the symptoms in advance, then you can get treatment quickly if you see the symptoms in yourself. And if you take proper treatment, you can get rid of this disease easily. So we all should know about the symptoms of underactive thyroid eye disease. Let's know the symptoms of underactive thyroid eye disease.

  • Sudden changes in eye appearance (such as eye swelling, redness, etc.). 
  • Redness of the eyes and eyelids. 
  • Feeling double or blurred vision. 
  • Excessive dryness of the eyes. 
  • The sensation of puffiness above and below the eyes. 
  • Sharp pain behind or between the eyes, especially when looking down, to the side, or up. 
  • Difficulty closing the eyes completely. 
  • Ulcers or sores on the cornea of ​​the eye. 
  • Irritating feeling and eye irritation. 
  • Low tolerance to bright light. 
  • Itching, dry eyes, and difficulty wearing contact lenses. 
  • Excessive watery eyes. Red eyes. 
  • Gradual loss of vision Eye discomfort and irritation etc.

If you ever see the above-mentioned symptoms, then definitely consult a good doctor and take medicine. Then you will get rid of this problem quickly. And if you do not treat this disease at the right time, your vision can be lost forever. So, if you see these symptoms in yourself, do not neglect them and seek treatment immediately.

How can I improve my thyroid eye? 

We have already learned about what is thyroid eye disease, what are the symptoms of this disease, etc. Now the question is if I have thyroid eye disease how can I get rid of it or how can I improve my thyroid eye? Let's know the ways to get rid of thyroid eye disease.

The first instruction is that if you are suffering from a thyroid eye problem and if the problem is severe, consult a good doctor first and take medicine. Follow all the directions given by the doctor. Dryness and irritation of the eyes are common in thyroid eye disease. You can use different types of drops for this. But before using the drops, make sure that the drops are lubricated and avoid drops that remove redness.

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You can drink black aloe vera to relieve eye inflammation. Studies have shown that aloe vera juice helps in reducing eye inflammation. There are also various medicines available in the market to treat thyroid eye diseases such as (Tepeza®). In this case, you can use this medicine, but must be used with the doctor's advice.

Lifestyle changes and some home remedies can be followed to eliminate thyroid eye disease:

A study found that smoking increases the risk of thyroid eye disease by 7 to 8 times. So if you are a smoker, quit smoking soon. And try to eat a balanced diet regularly. You can also follow some home remedies to get rid of thyroid eye disease. These are given below-

  • You can use cold compresses on your affected eyes. 
  • Different types of sunglasses can be used. 
  • When sleeping, sleep in such a position that the head is higher than the body. 
  • You can take selenium supplements after approval from your doctor. 
  • Try to keep your eyelids closed while sleeping. 
  • Reading glasses with prisms can reduce double vision. 
  • Get regular eye exams if you have thyroid disease. 
  • Always try to stay away from dust. 
  • Consume adequate amounts of vitamin B-rich foods. 
  • Try to stay out of sunlight etc.

Also if you are suffering from thyroid eye disease, you can get rid of this disease through various types of surgery like-

  • Eyelid surgery: Sometimes the upper eyelid prevents the lid from coming down and the lid itself from coming up. This can cause damage to the cornea of ​​the eye. In this case, you can do eyelid surgery to eliminate this problem.
  • Eye muscle surgery: Thyroid eye disease problems are usually in the eye muscles. In this case, if you want, you can do eye muscle surgery with a good doctor.
  • Orbital decompression surgery: This surgery can be done as per the advice of your doctor to eliminate the problem of thyroid eye disease. This surgery relieves pressure on the optic nerve by removing excess eye tissue. This surgery reduces eye swelling. which will give your eyes a lot of comfort etc.

You can also undergo eye radiation therapy to treat inflammation of the thyroid eye disease as recommended by your doctor.

What vitamins help thyroid eyes?

There are many people among us who suffer from underactive thyroid eye disease. Many people do not get rid of this disease easily after treatment. In such a situation you can consume nutritious foods and some vitamin-rich foods along with treatment to get rid of thyroid eye disease. Foods rich in vitamins that can eliminate thyroid eye disease, the names of some foods rich in vitamins are given below:

Foods rich in iodine to produce thyroid hormones

Thyroid eye disease is usually caused by an imbalance of thyroid hormones. In this case, you can add some iodine-rich foods to your regular food routine that can produce thyroid hormones. Some foods rich in iodine are - milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, kelp, seaweed etc. You can add these foods to your regular food routine to eliminate thyroid eye disease.

Foods rich in vitamin B

Vitamin B is very important for patients with hypothyroidism because vitamin B can regulate thyroid function and hormones in the human body. 

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Some of the foods rich in vitamin B are whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, milk, yogurt, meat, fish, eggs, dark green vegetables etc.

Selenium is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism

Selenium supports efficient thyroid synthesis and metabolism. Selenium can reduce levels of anti-thyroid peroxidase (an enzyme that plays an important role in producing thyroid hormones) in people with hypothyroidism. Some foods that contain selenium are tuna, shrimp, beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, sardines, turkey, scallops, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, etc.

Foods rich in zinc

Zinc plays an important role in eliminating thyroid eye diseases. Zinc not only cures thyroid eye disease but also increases other hormones in the body. Which helps to increase the immune system of the body. Some foods that are rich in zinc are shellfish, legumes, mollusks, meat, nuts, etc.

Also, you can consume some other foods such as foods rich in vitamin D, and foods rich in tyrosine and iodine to avoid thyroid eye disease.


Dear Readers, In this post we have tried to explain in detail the symptoms of underactive thyroid eye disease and what problems can be caused by this disease. We always try to give you accurate information. But as we are human we can make mistakes. Hope you will forgive our mistakes and let us know the mistakes. So that we can correct the mistakes in the next posts. And it is very important for all of us to know about the symptoms of any disease. Because if you know the symptoms of a disease, then you can diagnose and treat that disease. As a result, you will avoid major losses. Hope you will benefit from reading this post.

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